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politics are no excuse for christians to behave badly

I probably should have avoided reading the posted comments below a recent article about Donald Trump on a Christian News service.

Truth be told, I should know better. I have been gut-wrenched by caustic comments written by non-Christians against Christians and Christians against non-Christians many, many times before and it always hurts my heart to read them.

This time, however, it was a Christian website.

The nasty comments that scrolled on and on were aimed at Christians by other Christians…again.

I felt frustrated as I read the things they said to one another.

I felt sad about the ugly things they said about Donald Trump…even though some of it was absolutely true!

It wasn’t enough for them to respectfully disagree with one another, they had to spew insults and accusations about one’s intelligence, poor spelling, or the ability to properly interpret scripture.

Most outrageous were those who called into question the salvation of those who disagreed with them. What???

Before you jump to any conclusions about how I feel about Donald Trump let me tell you straight up. He embarrasses me.

When he calls himself a Christian and then says and does things that fly in the face of how a Christian ought to behave; he does so before a huge audience of unbelievers who judge us all by it.

But I don’t hate him. He is not our enemy. And if he becomes our next President I will afford him the dignity and respect that goes with the title. Even if that’s hard to do.

If Hilary Clinton becomes the next POTUS I’ll offer her the same….but I must confess I’ll be tied up in knots about it! In either case, I will continue to fight for Christian principles and stand against any policy that I believe would grieve the heart of our Father.

Trump calls himself a Christian. Clearly his transformation is in its infancy. But like there is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant, there is no such thing as being a little bit Christian.

One either believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who revealed Himself to us as The Way we may be forgiven our sins and The Only Way we can be restored to relationship with our Father in Heaven…or one does not.

I have encountered a LOT of people who claim to be Christians but don’t project or convey any of the Christlike qualities one should expect from someone who claims to be a Christ follower.

Donald Trump is in a cast of thousands!

I find it exceedingly ironic that the toxic dump against him on the internet comes from Christians whose behavior is just as unbecoming as Trump’s is.

So, I did it. I shared my opinion too. Only it wasn’t in favor of or against Donald Trump. It was my prayer that the people of God would consider the speck in their own eye and allow God the purview over His son, Donald Trump.

Here is my post:

 “Oh dear God, how I grieve for your people. Just listen to the way they talk/post to one another. Fingers pointed, judgments flung left and right. Scriptures and parables used like weapons meant to offend and discredit their brothers and sisters... and even question their salvation!

It must hurt Your heart so much, Jesus, to see that those people who claim to be Your followers don't come even close to exemplifying your character when it matters the most. They value only their own opinions and have the audacity to claim that only they, and those who agree with them, are properly aligned with You.


Do they believe that if Donald Trump wins the office that You'll be bereft in Heaven wondering how You'll save us?

YOU ARE GOD ALONE. Your Word says that the heart of the king is in the hand of the Father. Don't they remember that YOU are the Hero in our Story?

Don't they understand that what the enemy intends for evil You will use for our good?

Haven't they read in Your Word how many times You used the most unlikely and unqualified to accomplish Your goals?

Yes, Mr. Trump is about as flawed as they come. But what can YOU do through him?

What can happen if Mr. Trump opens his heart and mind to YOU?

How long does it take for a mind to be changed?

How long does it take for a heart to be changed?

How long does it take for a character to be changed?

Does it not all happen in the miracle of ONE moment when YOU are in the midst of it?

ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH YOU. Do they think Mr. Trump is beyond Your reach? Is it possible that those of Faith...have no Faith in You?

Father God, I beg You to touch the hearts and minds of your children. Remind them of how much we can accomplish if we come together as the Family of God in this world.

Holy Spirit, teach them to pray for our leaders rather than publicly disrespect them and one another.

Gently rebuke them for the unkindness they've shown one another and make them understand that EVERYTHING they say and EVERYTHING they do as Christians is a direct reflection on the reputation of Your Son.

Convict them in their hearts and minds with the knowledge that their arrogance and unkindness before the unbelieving world does far more damage to advancing Your Kingdom than a president ever could.

May Your love overwhelm them and draw them to higher ground.
May they demand more of themselves as Your disciples.
May they be worthy of the calling You have placed on their lives.
May they love peace more than ego.
May they value love above pride.

And, most of all, may they remember their hope is in You not a person, or political party.

I ask this in Jesus' Name, Amen.”

Christian, I hope you will join me in praying for our leaders.

Remember that God can do anything with a willing heart.

An open door is open if even only a crack.

 In His love and service,

Sharon Bollum

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Sharon Bollum
Sharon Bollum, producer of the 40 Churches in 40 Weeks book and documentary project is committed to finding ways to elevate the health and reputation of The Christian Community in the United States.

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Posted by Sue Reynolds on
Sharon, I always love how you describe circumstances. You have some great insight. I also pray that there is some intelligence given in selecting our next President. I can't name one in the history of our nation who was not flawed, nor a narcissist (both of the current candidates are). Who else would take on that position? However, we have moved in the wrong direction. Our congress is corrupt, and those elected are more about themselves and bettering their own financial position than being a 'public servant'. Using our own skills of 'critical thinking' we need to get past what is printed, and definitely what is broadcast to find the truth.

I wholeheartedly support Trump. No, he wasn't my first choice but first, I like that he has gotten results, he is an outsider to our current corrupt system and I believe he will put the right resources in place to address our problems- create jobs, protect our borders, bring America back to the tenets on which it was founded. Clinton should be in jail, along with some others. And while Trump isn't politically correct, most of what he says is not with Hate, as many are quick to accuse him of. It's logical...and i don't expect one man to have, at the second of a question, the diplomatic answer to every politically charged question thrown at him. I expect God will guide him to the right answers by having people around him that know those answers better than he ever can himself. And I ask everyone to read 'Atlas Shrugged', written in the 1940's I believe, to see the portent of things to come if we continue as we have. This is scary times.
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