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We are humbled at the caliber of people who have invested themselves in 40 Churches in 40 Weeks TM. Our team grows larger every day. Getting them to join was easy enough... getting their pictures and bios... not so much!

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Project Founder,
Sharon Bollum


Sharon lives in Fair Oaks, CA with her husband, Mike, of 35 years, and their pampered dogs, Stuart and Harley. They have 3 grown children (Courtney, Kelsey and Trevor) and 2 grandchildren (Kaden 9 and Kolton 8).

Called into full-time church ministry in 1995, Sharon has served as a Children’s Pastor, Community Pastor, Pastoral Counselor and Associate Pastor. She is passionate about the role she played in serving God by serving His Church. For a long time she thought she’d be in church ministry until she retired or Jesus came back, whichever came first.

"Creating a book and documentary about churches is a very different Call from what I ever imagined, but I'm excited to be a part of something that can bless churches all over the United States!"


Project Co-Founder,
Kathi Finnerty


Kathi is one of the founders of the project, 40 Churches in 40 Weeks. She has a deep passion for loving people like Christ did, and for breaking down barriers to people's ability to walk with Jesus in an authentic way.

Kathi is a business litigation and intellectual property lawyer in her professional life, and an avid cutting horse competitor in her personal life. Kathi came to Christ first believing in "a power greater than herself", only to find that churches either rejected her questioning, or were filled with rhetoric devoid of true meaning, until she found a church that welcomed her questions, and valued its members as individuals. There, her faith thrived under the tutelage of Pastor Craig Ferguson and Asst. Pastor Sharon Bollum.

 After leaving her home church several years ago due to a change in leadership, Kathi and her dearest friends in Christ began searching for a new church home. That arduous and adventurous experience lead to the inspiration for this project.

Prayor Director,
Sue Nowotenski


Sue lives in Orangevale, California with her husband of 34 years. Together she and Bart have raised 3 sons who all love and serve the Lord. During their family's growing years they attended Warehouse Ministries in Rocklin CA. They enjoyed nearly 20 years being a part of a wonderful church family there. The sense of connection and community was instrumental to her Christian Growth as well as that of her husband and 3 sons.

As circumstances changed they found themselves without a church home. For the past several years it's been a difficult and often disappointing search to recapture the community and connection they once felt. Ultimately, the practice of going to church on Sundays was done out of a sense of obligation rather than celebration. Refusing to settle for a superficial experience, she and her husband came very close to giving up on church altogether. Joining the leadership team for 40 Churches in 40 Weeks ™ is probably the most unexpected turn in her search to find a place in Christ's church again, but she also feels it's one of the greatest opportunities to serve God she's ever been presented with.

Heading up the prayer team for 40 Churches in 40 Weeks ™ is a task Sue takes very seriously. "Covering each member of the team each step of the way in prayer is my joyful responsibility. It's going to be a long year. I want so much for all who participate to be edified by the experience. My greatest prayer is that the outcome of this project glorify God and renews the church He so deeply loves"

Team Member,
Karla Nelson


Karla Nelson has always had a heart for Christ, however after loosing her husband to illness when their son was 5 weeks old and daughter 2 years old, she was re-awakened to the very limited time we have during our time on earth. In addition, she was reminded of her belief that the only thing that means anything is to live out our purpose in Christ.  

Karla is an entrepreneur, business trainer and speaker who inspires clients and audiences who have lost sight of their hope to believe again; those who believe to begin to discover their unique assignment, and helps those who have defined goals to apply the law of process and create the conditions for success.Karla understands what it takes to overcome insurmountable obstacles, in business and in life, while in pursuit of your purpose.

Team Member,
Mike Bollum


Mike is Sharon’s husband and is both excited and proud to be on this journey with her and the 40 Churches in 40 Weeks team.

Mike was raised in a Christian family and like many people went to church during his formative years but drifted away from Church in his twenties. After marriage and kids came along he reconnected to God . He participated in Church ministry for many years and grew through the community of God’s church. In recent years though, Mike became disillusioned with Church and currently is not attending on a regular basis. His faith in God is as strong as ever but his view of church is not.

He is very excited with the many discoveries and the great conversation being generated by the 40 Churches project. And he is also extremely proud to be both a life and work partner with his amazing wife of 32 years.

Team Member,
Tracy Volkman


Tracy lives in Roseville with her husband, Eric, and two children, Madeline and James. By day she is an Audiologist, by night (and very early morning) an opera singer and triathlete in training.

Tracy became a follower and lover of Christ as a young adult. Joining her family’s church at the time allowed her to meet some amazing people and made the beginning of her journey easier, however after time, going to church was just going through the motions and group bible studies didn’t answer her questions. She was looking for a church that she could call home, a church that would help her stretch and grow as a Christian. Along with her close friends, they found this search much harder than they expected, and learned incredible insight along the way. Tracy was humbled by the opportunity to support and be a part of 40 Churches in 40 Weeks and is looking forward to experiencing God’s plan for this project and for her.

Joey Nizuk


Joey is from Roseville, CA where he is a web developer and technology enthusiast. Joey is the founder and lead developer at DiamondWood, where he oversees all development projects for their clients. In true entrepreneur sprit he loves startups and collaborations.

Joey officially joined the 40 Churches In 40 Weeks team shortly after his company completed the this website. While working on this site Joey became inspired by the project and what its message. So he signed up to help out in anyway he could, and he became the site's webmaster.

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